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Training starts from the first day you get your puppy. Whether you're looking for classes, a grad program, or private lessons, we are here to help. We offer several different training programs to not only fit your puppy's needs, but your schedule as well. Find out more info below!



Training While You're Away

Our Grad Programs are designed with you in mind. We work on all basic commands as well as any other personal requests you may have. We recommend scheduling a call with a trainer to decide which program will best work with your needs.


4 Classes, 4 Weeks, 4 Levels

Classes are a great option for owner's wanting more of a hand's on training alternative. All work schedules aren't the same, which is why we offer classes multiple days during the week! We strive to give each owner an enjoyable class experience providing them detailed information as well as answer any questions along the way!


On Site Or In Your Home

Not sure where to start? We offer private lessons to owners who need more individualized attention with their dogs. Certain behaviors are best trained in a private setting in home or on site. These lessons are generally recommended from a trainer. If you feel like a private or in home lesson may be best for you, schedule a phone call to speak with one of our trainers today!

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