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This is one of the most beneficial lessons you can do. In this lesson we'll go over all puppy related training topics such as crate training, puppy biting, socialization and more! We schedule these lessons Monday - Friday by appointment only.

*Applies to puppies 12 Weeks and younger. 

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If you've signed up for our Education Daycare program, the review lesson is a definite must. In this lesson we will transfer everything your dog learned during their time training here with us to you. This is a (30) minute lesson and typically scheduled at least after the first 5 days of Education Daycare. We schedule these lessons Monday - Friday by appointment only. 

*Exclusive to Education Daycare dogs only.

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PRIVATE LESSON         (1) $100 (4) $350

These lessons are perfect for owners who need more of a one on one training experience. When classes don't line up with your schedule or individual attention is needed, private lessons may be the best option. These lessons are (1) hour and may be scheduled any day Monday - Friday by appointment only.

*No Age Requirement.

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(1) $150 (4) $450

Home lessons are most beneficial to owners when training issues arise in the home. Issues may include: barking, new family members, change of home environment, etc. We schedule these any weekday by appointment only.

*No age requirement.

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